Agent Banking

Increase customer touchpoints while reducing cost, time and resources needed for an office branch

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Build a more engaged customer base.

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New Distribution Channel

Tap unbanked markets with doorstep delivery of banking services with no queues, flexible working hours and increased visibility.

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Financial Inclusion

Quality delivery of financial services in remote areas as well aligned with government objectives and support.

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Rapid Deployment for new revenue streams

By using the solution, not only can the Bank reduce the cost of its branch network, but they can also expand the products offered to customers remotely. It has been designed to seamlessly and quickly integrate into virtually any infrastructure.

Payment Universe

All supported transactions

Cash In (Deposits), Cash Out (Withdrawals), Repayment of Loans, Bills payment, Mobile/DTH Recharge, ATM/Debit Card PIN change, Funds Transfer Account Enquiries, Loan Application & Lead Generation along with Document Capturing.

New Vistas

Multi-Modal Agent Interfaces

Supports POS Terminal, Mobile Phone, Laptop, Tablet in conjunction with external accessories with flexible reporting and reconciliation frameworks. Provides Remote device management & software upgradation.


Easy Management Tools

Agent Banking is aimed to support agent and microfinance banking services for unbanked and underserved communities. The solution comes with a centralized administration portal that allows us to configure the agent banking mobile application, manage agents, and customers.

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