Islamic Core Banking

Deliver an outstanding Shari’ah-compliant experience to your customers using a combination of digital and human interaction, leveraging advanced graphical product building capabilities and modern technology to create offerings that are compliant and personalized while reducing your operational costs and risks.

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A flexible and efficient award-winning solution

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Profit Distribution

The advanced profit distribution system for Modaraba deposits. The bank can create pools linking sources of funds to investments and distribute dividends to its clients based on pre-set criteria.

Islamic Treasury

Comprehensive coverage for treasury products and services including Commodity Murabaha, Bulk commodity trading, Tawarruq, Wakala & Modaraba placements, and deposits. In addition to Sukuk trading, different dealer desk dashboard and treasury blotters and reports.

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Full set of financing products with Shari’ah compliant flows covering different types of contracts: Murabaha, Ijara, Musharaka, Istisnaa, Forward Ijara, Bai Ajel, Qard Hasan and Modaraba financing. This also includes the ability to create structured financing products.



Temenos Islamic Banking is fully compliant to Shari’ah requirements, processes, and accounting entries. It is parameter-driven, enabling banks to adapt it to their own specific compliance requirements.



Our solution covers all areas of banking, from retail to corporate, private wealth, and inclusive banking with rich functionality across all verticals.


Digital & Scalable

Our Islamic Banking serves small financial intuitions and the largest banks in the industry using the same software. It benefits from significant investment in banking technology, ensuring it is up to date and future proof.

Measurable Success

A Leading Core Banking Solution



6 months implementation



2x the bank capital



80+ Islamic Banking installations

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