Digital Cash Machine

QR code-based solutions to revolutionize ATM transactions and make them more secure.

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Build a more engaged customer base.

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Hassle-Free Consumer Experience

Mobile is the future and lesser number of individuals are carring wallets or cards in their pocket. Now they dont need to do it even for ATM transaction.

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QR Code Based

Using a secure and compliant system of technologies our solution removes the dependence on cards for ATM transactions thereby reducing infrastructure costs.

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Secure And Quick

All transaction are as safe as card present transactions due to our multi-point check and the system is faster and more efficient than inserting a Chip & PIN card.

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How does it work

The transactions can be initiated by consumers before even reaching the ATM machine or while standing in a queue. Based on user request a QR code is generated to check physical proximity and authenticate a transaction. Contact us for a demo.

New Vistas

Higher Security, Lower Risk

The mechanism used for QR code transactions inherently makes it safer than physical cards and significantly reduces the risks involved.


Modernize ATM transactions

Our way of interaction in this digital era has changed swiftly and this is the moment when ATM gets a card-less upgrade as well as embracing the advancement in digital payment.

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