Cyber Security & Fraud

Protect your bank from modern digital threats with the highest levels of security. Covering watchlist screening, anti-money laundering, fraud prevention, and KYC, our uniquely flexible range of intelligent and versatile solutions enhance detection and reduce cost.

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Staying one step ahead

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Fully integrated solution

We integrate 4 different functionalities (Asset Discovery, Vulnerability Assessment, Intrusion Detection, SIEM & Log Management) in one simple solution that it’s easy to be deployed and managed.

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Quick & Easy Deployment

Offering Gradual Adoption, our solutions let you bring products and digital initiatives to market in months, not years. Then continuously improve and measure results.

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Industry-leading False Positive Levels

Sophisticated algorithms, smart contextual whitelists, and robotic process automation dramatically reduce overheads and costs.

Reducing Workload

How does it work?

We install sensors inside your network to detect malicious activities. Imagine it as a simple “security camera” that sees if there is anything wrong happening in your network and on your hosts and then alerts you of any suspicious activities such as viruses, attempts to hack your network.

Adding Value

Fast Deployment

Detect the latest threats without having to buy, deploy, and manage multiple products and recruit, hire, and retain a staff of security analysts. We prioritize the threats that put your business at risk by integrating security technologies and with the latest threat intelligence.


Security Operation Center

Our Security Operation Center is located in Rempoa and fully resourced. We currently monitor several financial institutions. We have a platinum partnership with AlienVault in Indonesia. AlienVault is the leading Security Operation Center software provider and is trusted by over 5,000+ clients across the world, including NASDAQ, Mastercard, U.S. Airforce, Bank of Ireland, New York times, and many others.

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