Regulatory Reporting & IFRS 9

Stringent and frequently changing requirements of reporting add undue pressure on the already overburdened staff without any value addition. We can ease this burden through our Regulatory Reporting as a service solution.

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Embrace Regulatory Reporting as a Service

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Save Time

Our automated solution for reporting streamlines the process and makes it efficient to save time on repeated activities.

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Save Resources

Free up critical staff time which can now be utilized in more strategic tasks bringing more business growth.

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Be 100% Compliant

Our dedicated team is always updated with latest regulatory framework and stays ahead of time to avoid any penalties.

Reducing Workload

IFRS 9 Regulation brings tough challenges to Finance & Risk

Forward-looking aspects of IFRS 9 involving increased modeling complexities, macro-economic factors, and new classification approaches are just some of the key challenges of the regulation. Our solution provides performance, flexibility, and robust governance features for a complete solution that goes beyond regular compliance.

Adding Value

Getting Valuable Insights

Reporting requirements were created to ensure a healthy banking service. With the help of our intelligent solution, you can easily manage future scenarios created through internal or external factors.


Cost Optimization

Our already established product and as-a-service model means you don’t have to invest or spend time in re-creating it. You not only save money upfront but also as you use our industry-leading Regulatory Reporting Solution.

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