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Embrace Regulatory Reporting as a Service

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Mobile Withdrawal (QR)

Enable hassle-free and exciting new ways for your customers to withdraw money from ATM machines with the extra cost.

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Quick, easy and seamless

ATM transaction no longer require a card and remembering a PIN. Also now customers will be able to initiate transactions before reaching an ATM.

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Future Proof

Incremental technology and hardware costs add massive overheads and come unannounced. Our industry leading solution ensure that you dont have to grapple with this.

Reducing Workload

Safe and Secure

We live in an era where security breaches and cyber-attacks are just as common as morning coffee. Our expertise and leadership in security ensure no breaches so you drink your morning coffee without any worry.

Adding Value

Advanced Hardware

Outdated hardware comes with exposed vulnerabilities and costly overheads. Our experts profile each hardware component to ascertain only the most advanced, proven, and test technology is used to protect you from attacks and overheads.


Supports all platforms

The technology world is fragmented, fast, and always evolving. Our middleware keeps pace with this evolution while also supporting backward integration.

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