Customer On-Boarding System

Compliant and AI-based most advanced onboarding solution in the industry to let you increase conversions and capture more customers. Drive digital revenue by creating outstanding customer experiences to raise customer satisfaction through processes like e-KYC.

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Build a more engaged customer base.

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High Accuracy

We deploy the most advanced AI and data capture techniques to meet the highest accuracy levels. Our systems are constantly learning and improving as well.

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Compatible and Easy to Integrate

Our proprietary middleware ensures compatibility with all different Core Banking platforms allowing it to be rolled out easily while remaining aligned to your existing on-boarding process.

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e-KYC and Advanced Functions

Product and services include OCR, Liveness Detection, Face Comparison, Face Search, Face Blacklist, etc. essential functions for e-on-boarding.

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How does it work

The process can be initiated by customers at their convenience on their mobile phones. All required details and documents are captured and sent to the bank’s approver. The customer is authenticated using additional liveness and face detection tests.

New Vistas

Increase Productivity and Save costs

Automation removes several routine and documentation tasks saving manpower costs. The entire system is designed to increase the productivity and speed of the approval process.


Offer Convenience to Consumers

Today’s customers may not want to visit a branch, queue, and follow tedious paperwork to open an account. Offer them the convenience of online registration and verification.

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