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Easy, intuitive, and secure Mobile App for remote verification of consumer application.

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Quick, Connected Hassle-free verification solution for field staff

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No more paper

Cut down on the paper clutter with an easy to customize app that can be connected to your core banking system for different types of verification.

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Secure and Connected

No more data leaks or waiting for the survey response as our central data repository gives you a live view always.

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Boost Productivity

Intelligently assign leads to reduce conflict and increase efficiency of the surveyors through the central system.


Connecting Surveyors

Verification has been a long, challenging and tedious compliance process. We help you solve this through our end-to-end verification system that is connected to central system and is operable on smartphone.

New Vistas

Prompt and tracked Consumer responses

The world is getting personal and convenient. Getting a lead is more expensive than ever and losing it can be painful. Our mobile survey system gives you a 360 view of applications so that your consumers are always in focus.


Cost Optimization

Our already established and ready-to-use mobile survey application empowers surveyors to easily collect on-premise customer data on to the single system. Streamlining saves time for both the surveyor and your customer which means more happy customers with higher application processing rates.  

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