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In 2012, FDS officially became a Temenos partner and offered T24 outsourcing services. Since then, we have successfully implemented more than 40 customers in our chosen markets.

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Your Trusted Temenos Partner

Enabling Temenos Technologies

We undertake all kinds of transformations and upgrades for a comprehensive suite of Temenos services

Why Us?

Proven expertise with over 40 implementation Banks, dedicated local support, and deep understanding of payment landscape.

Risk Mitigation

We ensure minimum risk to operation during transition. A planned component by component approach is used in a strategic manner.

Partnered Services


Temenos is the provider of the World’s #1 Banking Software. The solution combines the richest packaged functionality and the most advanced cloud-native, cloud-agnostic, AI, and API-first technology.

Temenos Transact

The world’s best-selling, most functionally rich core banking product used by over 1,000 banks in all sectors and geographies. Temenos T24 is now referred to as Temenos Transact.

Temenos Infinity

Temenos Infinity drives outstanding experiences across customer journeys, from acquisition, servicing, and retention. With an extensive set of standalone services, Temenos Infinity also offers new microservice-based distribution services.

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