Smart Branch System

Improve branch and teller efficiency to deliver a positive consumer experience through engaging self-service.

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Build a more engaged customer base.

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Future of Banking

Personalized, fast and non-intrusive banking is finally here. No more form filling for any branch operation!

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Increased Teller Productivity

With our guided digital customer interaction screen, a teller can assist multiple customers without losing focus or getting lost in documentation.

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Enhanced Consumer Experience

We have re-engineered the entire branch experience using latest technology on lavish modern hardware using smooth UI & UX.

Payment Universe

Cut Service time and queues

Activity and queue time are drastically reduced and the overall technology-driven process adds immensely to customer experience.

New Vistas

Cost-effective latest Hardware

Now that major interaction will happen on a digital screen it is vital that the hardware is top-quality, crash-free, and intuitive enough for users to self-navigate.


Intuitive User Experience

Despite all the digitalization, we make sure that compliance is always 100% capturing important information and consent in the required medium.

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